Magnificent Disney Inspired Dresses That You Will Fall In Love With

We’re going to bet that by you clicking on this post you’re either a fan of Disney, beautiful princess dresses, or both! Well, you’ve come to the right place because what you are about to see will leave you amazed. Nephi Garcia, a 32 year old California based designer, has a huge talent for dress making, in particular Disney inspired pieces. His dress making journey began when Nephi’s daughter wanted a costume for Disney world. So, he decided to make one and the reception the dress received was immensely┬ápositive. Fast forward in time and now Nephi has a lucrative business that is in high demand. Take a look and prepare to be desperate to own one (or 10) of his creations!
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This dress would have gone perfectly in the new ‘Beauty And The Beast’ film!

What a gorgeous little girl and the perfect dress to match!

Feel like Cinderella in this magnificent gown!

The best Alice costume ever!

Become an ice queen like Elsa in this blue number.

This one reminds us of our favorite mermaid!

Imagine having a dad that could make you the most amazing dresses!

Channel your inner Jasmine with this two piece.

The princess and the villain, which outfit would you choose?

This looks like so much fun!

A mini Belle!

How special it would feel to wear any of these gowns!

An interesting remake of Cinderella’s dress after she was attacked by her step sisters…

Nephi the talented man himself!