Tinder Disasters That Will Put You Off Online Dating

These days it seems most single people have either dabbled in, or are addicted to, online dating. Due to its popularity, there are a huge number of websites and apps to help people ‘safely’ find a partner based on the criteria they are looking for. One of which is Tinder, although this particular app relies more on looks than the actual characteristics of a person. Here we have some disaster stories by people who went on dates with their Tinder matches. They are definitely enough to make you want to take a break from online dating! Take a look!
Website: Whisper

It’s sad that she feels she has to do this, and even sadder that she is proved right. 

We wonder which way this person swiped?!

How awful.

This is terrible but a lesson to all!

Uh oh! Awkward!

Definitely not the person you want to be matching with!

We feel sorry for the poor girl who had to tidy this mess up. Shameful!

How can you not realize in this day and age? Hilarious!

Despicable behavior from the man! 

There is a lot missing in this story! We want to know more!

Ouch! Sorry buddy!

Some people need to lighten up!

What are the chances of this happening? Awkward!