David Zinn Creates Adorable Chalk Art To Brighten The Days Of Strangers

It’s fair to say that our surroundings are a huge contributing factor to our mood. Some of us thrive off of the environment, after all, the world has some very beautiful places to offer. However, there are also plenty of not so nice looking areas. David Zinn has been creating artwork around Ann Arbor, Michigan since 1987. Not only does he do commercial work, but he also brightens the days of the public by leaving 3D chalk drawings in random places! Take a look at some examples below!
Website: Instagram

Aren’t David’s drawings so adorable? We think it’s lovely that he takes time out of his day so that others can walk past his art work and smile. It’s the little things that make a difference in this sometimes horrible world. If you like Davids style of work, you can check out his website hereThere you will find some products for sale that all incorporate David’s art. Keep going to see more awesome chalk drawings!