11 Hilarious Dating Tips For Women From Back In 1938

We are extremely lucky to be able to say we live in an equal society. Yes, one with many flaws, but a hell of a lot more equal than things were 100 years ago! Attitudes, expectations and things that were considered standard were a lot different when you look back at the past. Highlighting this perfectly, we have 11 dating ‘tips’ that women were encouraged to follow to ensure a successful date and to be as appealing as possible to their suitor. Thankfully, things have changed so much that most of us can find the humor in these images. Take a look!

‘Deserve’ and ‘desire’, noted!

Well, we would have failed at this one. Sitting awkwardly happens naturally to a lot of us!

To be fair, the bra bit still applies!

Isn’t it crazy women would have actually tried to fulfill these ‘tips’?!

We always thought talking whilst dancing was romantic…

Look at that man’s wandering eyes!

Back before the term PDA (public displays of affection) was commonly used!

Chances are you won’t want them to if these are the kinds of things he wants!

Oh dear, wouldn’t want to annoy ‘man’.

‘Makeup’ in privacy. Ha!

Because only females feel emotions, obviously!