Daring People Who Apparently Eat Danger For Breakfast

Some people want to play safe for the sake of survival but some people would risk living on the edge. Why do daring people like to take risks? Danger is everywhere and it comes when we least expect them. But safety precautions can really help a lot to prevent accidents or unforeseeable events. With that in mind, some people would still go to greater heights for the sake of accomplishing a job. Risky jobs actually exist but they don’t necessarily require you to put yourself in imminent danger. There’s a safety procedure in everything but these daring people are too gutsy to laugh at the face of danger.



You should know by now why smoking is strictly prohibited in gas stations. If a cigarette can ignite a flame, what’s more if its a welding torch?

Is the truck supposed to be lifted together with the cargo? We just hope that the thing that keeps the truck and cargo can hold them together long enough before they can land.

When you’re working with a grinder, you shouldn’t do silly things such as standing on a weak wooden frame and keeping your balance on a wooden stick.

Being the heaviest among the bunch of workers can be a good thing. You can serve as a reliable counterweight for tasks like this. But how long is that plank can hold on?

Leaving those bricks unsecured on a trailer isn’t a good idea. One single bump and it can send those bricks flying away and breaking on the process. Worse, it can put other people driving behind you in danger too.

One small displacement of the ladders can send this man falling down hard. And we can’t help but wonder if that plank is reliable enough to carry his weight.

No matter how reliable that shaft is, I wouldn’t dare to put half of my body on that dangerous spot.

People doing risky jobs



If you’re holding a chainsaw, extreme precautions should always be followed. Never try to cut things with a chainsaw over your head because it’s extremely dangerous.

You shouldn’t be fooling around at work especially if your job entails risky tasks. This worker should know better.

I hope these guys wouldn’t regret their decision to serve as can-holders for this shooting practice.

You call walking on water a miracle? How about you walk on a power-line?

This is wrong and risky in so many levels. A loader lifting the first ladder and a branch holding the second ladder. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

If you cut down the branch that you’re standing on, what do you think would happen?

When a forklift can’t reach a certain height, use another forklift to lift the forklift. Now that sounds complicated and perilous.