Curious Photos That’ll Hook You In For More

No matter what your mood is right now, these incredibly funny photos will keep your spirits up throughout the day. Every day is unpredictable and you never know what will come your way today. So it doesn’t hurt to start your day with a positive vibe to repel all the negativity around you. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t forget to laugh and greet the day with a smile. We have gathered some incredibly funny photos to give you reasons to smile and laugh. So go ahead, have a laugh and sustain a high spirit to help you get through the day.



Wearing high-heels is actually convenient when you need to reach items on high shelves. But it doesn’t look appealing when you have to slouch to push the shopping cart.

If you can’t make a hole-in-one, let the club make a hole for you.

It’s never easy to be the smallest in the family because you get overshadowed all the time.

This one of the rare instances when your car’s odometer takes the spotlight.

Can we take a moment to acknowledge the driver’s skill. I mean, can you actually drive this thing if you’re in his shoes?

This shadow work reenactment of the most iconic scene in The Lion King is actually impressive. I wonder if they can do the A Whole New World scene of Aladdin too.

Due to extreme heat, this building is starting to peel off by itself.

Unbelievably hilarious photos to enhance your mood



Don’t freak out, this isn’t Yeti’s arm. It’s just an arm of a man covered with grated Parmesan cheese. Why he did it? We may never know.

Dogs are man’s best friends and dolphins are the friendliest of all sea creatures. So when they meet, expect a genuine friendship in the making.

This bird had enough. Humans have stolen their homes and turned them into golf courses. Someone has to make a stand and this bird knows what to do.

To protect a witness’ identity, blur effect can really help a lot. However, you need to use it all throughout the coverage because there’s no point in using it in the first place if you’re going to reveal their faces in the end.

Is that a giant broccoli? If so, imagine how many bowls of broccoli salad you can make out of it.

There’s nothing wrong with the young people on this prom photo. What makes this photo extraordinary is that creepy clown in the back. One look at him and you know something sinister is going to happen.

In case of emergency and you don’t have any spare penny, break the vending machine open.

We’re looking at the youngest Casanova ever lived. At the age of 3 and he already knows how to win  lady’s heart.