15 Creepy Images Showing Awesome Examples Of Frightening Make Up Ideas

Warning! What you are about to see could leave you feeling genuinely scared and/or freaked out. Here we present the work of 33 year old make up artist, actress and model Sarah Mudle. The talented Australian beauty uses her face and body as a canvas for the most creepy and gory make up transformations, which are absolutely ideal for Halloween. We’re not too sure we could replicate Sarah’s spooky makeovers as they’re so impressive, but we admire them nonetheless! Take a look!
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Old age and youth side by side… freaky!

The blacked out eyes are terrifying!

Those boils really do look gross!

When you’re missing a nose but have extra teeth…

What a realistic eye gouging! 

What’s more spooky the glass shards or black eyes? We can’t decide!

This would genuinely terrify us if we bumped into these girls!

The hair coloring used in these make up transformations really adds to the amazing overall results!

That is one huge set of horrifying teeth!

Anyone who has ever experienced the pain of stepping on Lego will appreciate this idea!

This has got to be our favorite. So realistic!

Those eyes are what nightmares are made of! 

Look like a character from ‘The Walking Dead’ with this awesome concept.

Venom would be proud!

A simpler idea than the others but still super cool! The zip is functional, in case you were wondering!