Cool Ways To Tie Your Shoelaces That Will Make You Stand Out

As a teenager or child, you may remember wanting to switch up your shoelaces by changing the colors and patterns of them. It was a simple trend that offered lots of fun. However, it wasn’t that easy to come up with something unique and creative. Now, you may have gotten older, but that doesn’t mean you don’t still wear shoes that have laces that you find really boring. So, why not jazz them up a bit, using the below images as inspiration? You don’t have to go over the top, but we’re willing to bet with designs like these you’re going to get a few compliments! Take a look!

So many people have the same on trend sneakers these days it can be hard to stand out.

Maybe the idea of getting creative with your laces never occurred to you…

…or maybe it has but you’re embarrassed.

Well, with these awesome designs you can be proud to wear your footwear!

Never get your shoes mixed up with someone else’s again, as you can recognize your own lace pattern!

After all, we should always encourage people to be unique and let their personalities shine through, right?

Some of the designs might take a little while to master…

…but it’s definitely worth it! 

We like how many of the designs are simplistic, yet still different to the way everyone else wears their laces.

We can’t wait to give our shoes a makeover!

This is one of our favorite styles…

…but we like all of them!

If this isn’t something you’d be too keen on trying yourself…

…why not show these designs to your children, nieces and nephews etc?

So, which styles will you be giving a try?