Surprising Confessions From Disney Workers That Aren’t All That Great

You’d be forgiven for thinking that working at Disney World would be the happiest, most fulfilling and uplifting job. After all, that’s what Disney is all about, right? Well, according to some of these confessions from Disney employees, it can be quite the opposite. If you don’t want your views on Disney World to be changed then look away now, because you’re about to find out some shocking revelations! It’s not all bad though, there are some happy confessions in there too. Take a look!
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Things aren’t always as you’d expect.

This is sweet!

This would be annoying but surely the cast should be happy and smiling anyway!

This is really sad!

We think being a Disney princess would be an amazing job!

This could get a little frustrating but try to take it as a compliment!

Well, that’s a positive then!

Aww, this is lovely! What a nice manager.

You’re bound to meet some not very nice people when you interact with thousands.

It’s strange that they all happen to be Elsa’s!

We hope this person found their happiness.

How awful.

Don’t let the kids know! Peter and Wendy forever!