Interesting Confessions From People About Their First Year Of Marriage That Will Surprise You

For most people, their wedding day is the happiest day of their lives so far. It is meant to mark the unity and commitment of two people, the start of something new and amazing. Naturally, you would imagine over time marriages will face plenty of tests, trials and tribulations. But, you would presume the first year at the very least would be the most blissful, right? Well, this isn’t always the case. Here we have some interesting confessions from people about their first year of marriage that will surprise you. Take a look!
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This sounds really tough to handle. 

Something’s not right here. It shouldn’t feel like this!

The future is unknown. 

Respecting each other’s wishes is so important in a marriage!

Now that this has been established hopefully things were able to be improved!

Sometimes you can’t help how you feel, or don’t feel. 

Being unsure is just the worst.

No one is immune to problems. We hope this couple managed to work things out. 

Sounds like fun!

Don’t suffer in silence, talk to your partner and hopefully things will get better!

We love reading happy things!

It’s normal for your partner to annoy you! Just not too much, hopefully!

Wow. This is intense.