Hilarious Comics Showing The Realities Of Living With Cats

Owning a cat, or five, can be an amazing experience. The feline species is bursting with personality and can bring love and affection into your life. However, as with most things in life, it’s not always smooth sailing. In fact, sometimes owning a cat can be super annoying! Here we have some hilariously accurate comics created by a small family business based in Estonia. The inspiration for the comics is the families’ British shorthair cat called Dita, but many other cat owners will feel these comics are showing their own lives. Take a look!
Website: CatsuTheCat

Who doesn’t love their alarm clock cat?

The pesky scratch invitation never ends well!

Mighty predator indeed!

Cat conversations are the best, we don’t care what people say.

This cat trait scares us all the time!

This must be why cats always want to nap…

In other words, cats don’t judge!

The same goes for other people’s kids.

A trillion years later…

Maybe it’s because animals are just better than humans? 

Just a few reasons owning a cat is a great idea…

To be fair, we wouldn’t want someone else cutting our nails either!

Hide and seek with a cat is always fun!

There’s no denying felines seem to be sun spot magnets!

Who doesn’t like a bit of variance?!