Clueless People Who Hilariously Got the Wrong Idea

No one can crack us up as much as clueless people do. As much as we want to break the truth to them, their ingenuousness never fails to amuse us. Most of the times, we just sit and watch their stupidity get the best of them. If there’s one thing these clueless people are good at, that’s to make everyone around them laughing on their knees. We certainly understand that some people may not be as smart as some. But the unbelievable level of dopiness on this list will make you laugh even if you don’t want to. Take a look at these people who have no idea what they’re talking about, in the most hilarious way.



No one simply complains about a Gif image having no sound because these types of moving images usually don’t have an audio feature. This person should’ve sent a text message instead in order to save someone from humiliation.

Let me use an analogy to describe this drainage. It’s like a river with no water. It’s also like an iced tea with no ice. In simpler words, it’s useless.

This Disney bus might as well remove the whole sign than to cut off its most important word. Poor Pumbaa has to pay the price. Hakuna Matata!

How about this person’s own version of Mac and Cheese? We definitely haven’t seen this much hotdogs in one serving before. This dish is more of a hotdog platter than a Mac and Cheese.

When you open a pack of cookies and find the contents crushed to smithereens, can we call them cereals now? Well, a change in size and shapes doesn’t change the fact that they’re still cookies but I see nothing wrong with eating them as cereals.

This is not something I consider pleasurable and to compare this terrible thing to something unrelated to food doesn’t help either.

Trust me, your Mom needs a pair of eyeglasses to help her see things clearly. But I’ve got to admit it, that purse almost got me too.

People who don’t have a clue about what they’re talking about



It’s not the elevator, it’s you who’s stupid. And if this elevator could only talk, you could’ve heard a thing or two for calling it stupid.

A woman decides to prepare her own version of charcuterie and this is what she came up. By the looks of it, seems like she got the wrong idea. This can pass as a fruit salad but definitely not a charcuterie.

Please tell me Kimber is just joking because I don’t think I can handle this degree of stupidity if Kimber really means it.

Or maybe she’s just using false ignorance as an excuse to worship Ewan McGregor. I mean, who doesn’t adore him?

It has been ages since Lindsay Lohan stole our hearts in The Parent Trap movie. She had gone through a lot for the past 20 years but someone seems to have been trapped in the idea that Lindsay’s twin character was real.

Never let your husband take in charge of your baby’s fashion because who knows what he can do?

You shouldn’t mess with a Potterhead because they have their own unique way of using the Avada Kedavra curse on you.

Using an axe is definitely not on our list of options in removing stuck lug nuts. If you have no idea how a lug wrench works, don’t get experimental and end up destroying your car.