Clever And Stylish Ways To Make Your House Feel More Homely

Do you ever just look around your house and feel a bit deflated? Like there are so many things you would change if you had the money and the time? It’s really easy to get bored with our surroundings, particularly if we didn’t put much effort into them to begin with. However, all is not lost as there are so many little things you can do that make significant changes. Take a look below for some brilliant ideas on how to transform your house into a proper home!

When you think of a ladder, it is usually something used for a practical purpose. However, they can actually make great feature pieces that you can hang or display things on depending on the style of your home! 

Unfortunately, some apartments come with such tiny balconies that you often don’t feel that there’s any point in doing anything to the space. But, just look at the gorgeous photo below! You could transform a small place like this into somewhere cosy and inviting where you’ll want to hang out all the time!

If you’ve got the space, a bench seat is great for a kids bedroom!

Book shelves don’t have to be plain and boring. By using a shelf pattern like the one below, you can have something that looks cool and unique! 

Why not add some adorable homemade decor to your home by creating some of these clay cactus vases? Instructions here.

If you like to indulge in a drink and are often entertaining guests, a mini bar could be a great asset to your home! They don’t have to be in your face or expensive to do the job either. 

If you work from home, jazzing up your office space could make you feel more positive about completing your work. By including bright colors, you can keep yourself engaged and awake! 

If you’re not really a ‘photos on the wall’ type, you could create (or purchase) some matching colorful canvases. 

Ensure your home is more inviting by giving your front door mat a makeover! People naturally tend to associate colorful things with friendly people! 

With some empty glass bottles, some paints, lights and a little creativity, you can make something awesome! For more information, click here

Can’t find a headboard you like? Or, everything you want is just too expensive? Find a way to replicate what you want and create your own! It’s simpler than you might think! To see how it’s done, take a look here.

Here is a great way to differentiate between your kids possessions! You can change the photos as they grow or simply leave the baby ones!

If you’re an animal lover, why not swap out your normal cushions for some animal themed ones? If you like the look of the lamb shaped ones below, you can find more details here

Running out of space when it comes to storing stuffed toys? This hanging net is a great solution! It both looks good and is extremely practical! Instructions here.

We can’t get enough of these brilliant ideas! It’s great that so many of them cost very little to execute and aren’t too time consuming. Your surroundings really do have a huge input on your mood so by making your home a comfortable place that you are proud of, you’re bound to notice the benefits. Keep going too see even more clever and stylish ways that you can transform your house into a proper cozy home! 

Guests who visit often want to charge their phones but sometimes they feel too rude to ask. Take away the awkwardness by making it obvious where you charge your own phone. Another bonus to this is that you’re less likely to misplace your phone around your home if you remember to leave it in your charging station! 

Hammocks are often thought of as expensive purchases, but it’s actually fairly easy to create your own version! Find out how to make this a reality here!

Store your mugs in style with a trendy cup house like the one below! 

A Japanese style panel decorated as you choose can make a great wall piece in your home!

How great is this idea? A mirror that has storage behind it! Find out what you’ll need and the process here

For places like living rooms where you aren’t too fussed about light shining in, a lace curtain can look beautiful!

Calling all nature lovers! Here is a great layout for how to contribute earthly things into your home without it being over the top! 

Anyone who cooks knows how important spices are. Make your life easier by creating a spice station! 

Fabric pots really allow your personal tastes to shine through. Find a tutorial here.

This 2 in 1 creation is just awesome! If this side table terrarium is up your street, find out how you can become the proud new owner of one here!

Some people have eccentric tastes and want to show it! Using unique wallpaper to decorate places in your home really gives it that extra edge. 

Don’t you just love this vintage lace lamp? Details here.

We would never have guessed this mirror wasn’t store bought! Find out how to replicate this idea here

We love this picture frame clock! How cool is it that you can change the pictures as often as you like? Or, you could choose to not replace them and watch as everyone in the images grows older!