21 Classical Paintings Reimagined With Awesome Cartoon Characters

Classical art is something to be admired. You really can’t beat the old school stuff. However, you can be in to classical art and still have a fondness for cartoons, fairy tales and comic books! Usually, however, the two aren’t linked with each other… until now! The people over at ‘Design Crowd’ put out a brief for its users which instructed them to replace the subjects in classical paintings with well known fictional characters. Take a look at the interesting results below!
Website: DesignCrowd

Mr And Mrs Andrews – Elmer Fudd

The Birth Of Venus – The Little Mermaid

La Therapeute – Tweety Bird

The Creation Of Adam –  The Seven Dwarfs

The Maids Of Honor – Cinderella 

Ganesha Artwork – Dumbo

The Last Supper – Looney Tunes

The Small Cowper Madonna – Lois And Stewie

The Birth Of Venus – Spongebob

The Last Supper – The Simpsons

The Flirtation – Snow White

An Angel Awakens The Prophet Elijah – Homer

Blind Man’s Bluff – Belle

Grasshopper – Aurora 

Madonna Conestabile – Eeyore

Golconda – Roadrunner Coyote

Rest At Harvest – Bambi

The Scream – Pink Panther

Ulysses And The Sirens – Popeye 

The Madonna Of The Cherubim – Mickey Mouse

Mona Lisa – Belle