These Adorable Coats Transform Children Into Animals

If you love kids and animals, why not combine the two? Nat and Naomi are full time moms who have put their creativity to fantastic use by making adorable children’s clothes that transform little humans into various animals. Their Etsy page is named ‘OliveAndVice’ after their own children. The UK based duo hope to eventually branch out into making similar animal themed clothes for adults. We bet that would also be a huge hit! Take a look and see what you think!
Website: OliveAndVice

Bumble Bee Coat

Ladybird Coat

Isn’t the inside pattern so adorable?!

Mouse Cape

Great for a fancy dress party!

Bunny Coat

We adore the long, floppy ears!

Wolf Coat

Wolfie and Foxie hanging out, looking beyond cute.

Fox Coat

Your child would always stand out with the gorgeous color of this coat. 

Bear Coat