18 Incredible Celebrity Impersonations Achieved By A Talented Guy And His Make Up Skills

Some people may think make up is a superficial thing. But, certain people don’t realize the changes using make up can have on a person’s confidence! Not only this, but it can be loads of fun experimenting and trying new things. There are some people that are exceptionally blessed when it comes to make up talents and we have a great example right here. Filipino TV host and actor Paolo Ballesteros has an awesome talent for transforming himself into various female celebrities and the results are amazing! Take a look!
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Jennifer Lawrence


Drew Barrymore 

Kim Kardashian-West


Meryl Streep

Megan Fox


Mariah Carey

Jessie J

Julia Roberts

Daenerys Targaryen

Kristen Stewart

Tyra Banks

Nicole Kidman

Katy Perry

Ariana Grande

Audrey Hepburn