These Celebrity Gender Swaps Will Leave You Confused And Amused

Usually, the way we get to see what to celebrities merged together would look like is through their children. But, what about the celebs that aren’t couples?! Well, thanks to photo editing software, you can merge any 2 people you like. Many people have a great talent when it comes to such a task, so, when the site ‘DesignCrowd’ set a brief for its users on celebrity gender swaps, there was an influx of great results! Take a look below at the interesting creations that will leave you both confused and highly amused!
Website: DesignCrowd

‘Poor Ron Would Get Jealous’ By ‘Rrobos’

‘Keira Has A Few Hairs Out Of Place’ By ‘Underworth’

‘The Softer Side Of Wolverine’ By ‘Underworth’

‘Anthony Hopkins Adopts The Full Dame’ By ‘Underworth’

‘Keeping Those Legs Toned Is Mission Impossible!’ By ‘Bikejump’

‘Pulp Fiction’ By ‘Finkazoid’

‘Jared Aniston’ By ‘Camee’

The Unusual Suspects By ‘Sugarcane’

‘A Right Royal Mix Up’ By ‘ElsinCaspa’

‘Dirty Harriet’ By ‘MALinsdey’

‘Pretty Woman’ By ‘Underworth’

‘Wo-Men In Black’ By ‘Spankylarue’

‘The Name’s Betty, Betty Bond’ By ‘Bottomsup’

‘Jessica Fletcher In A Playboy Role’ By ‘DGartistry’

‘Donald Finally Lets His Hair Down’ By ‘Moukha’

‘Dolly Bean’ By ‘Underworth’

‘Lady Of The House’ By ‘Mcbane’