10 Adorable Cat Tattoos You Will Want To Get Inked On Yourself

If you’re struggling for an idea for your first, or next, tattoo, look no further as you’re about to fall in love with these adorable cat designs! Many people aren’t aware that the art of tattooing is frowned upon in South Korea. Many enthusiasts choose to break the law that states only a medical practitioner can carry out the procedure due to its invasive nature. One incredible parlor ‘Sol Tattoo’ is praised by people all around the world, many of whom are desperate to travel to the place to be inked. Here we have some examples of their amazing work. Take a look!
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Two adorable cats together.

Isn’t the detail just incredible?!

All of the cats are super realistic.

We love this simple yet unique design!

This beats staring at a bare wrist any day!

These tattoos are the perfect size to be concealed.

We can see why so many people are desperate to get inked at this parlor!

Peek a boo!

This cat will always be watching over its owner.

Inspiration and art side by side.