These Beautiful Wooden Heels Are Carved Using Ancient Vietnamese Techniques

Shoes, although designed to be more of a necessity, are a huge luxury for many people. Instead of putting money towards holidays and clothes, for some people, their obsession of choice are the glorious things we put on our feet. But, of course, most people who have a fondness for shoes will be into designer brands and collectible┬áitems. If you fall into that category of people, we think you’re going to love the below collection of shoes created by Vietnamese company ‘Fashion4Freedom‘. Take a look below to find out more!
Website: Etsy

Each pair of shoes beholds heels that were carved using ancient techniques of Vietnam’s pagoda wood art.

The top part of the shoes are made from leather.

It can take a whopping 3 weeks just to complete 1 pair!

So, as you can imagine, these shoes don’t come cheap.

Unused materials are donated to schools…

…and orphanages receive free shoe samples from the company.

We are just blown away by how amazing these products are!

We would really struggle to pick just one design if we were going to purchase these shoes!

Don’t they just look so great on?

These shoes will be added to our bucket list of items we want to own in our lifetimes!