30 Incredibly Creative Cartoon Inspired Food You Will Adore

Just because we need food to survive, that doesn’t mean that we can’t make the process and outcome of cooking fun! Here we present the awesome creations wonderfully put together by stay at home mum Ming. Ming has 2 sons, and when the eldest started school he found it hard to adjust. So, to give him something to look forward to at recess, Ming would create fun-filled, cartoon inspired meals and treats, alongside little notes. Take a look at 30 examples of her fabulous work below!
Website: BentoMonsters

Disney Tsum Tsum Sushi

Baymax Matcha Pudding

Doggy Pizza

Garfield Ramen Burger

Baymax Picnic Bento

Disney Tsum Tsum Dango

Bingbong Bento

Gudetama Pull Apart Bread Buns

Harry Potter Lunch

Hot Dog Bread Bun

Cat Sushi

Cat Marshmallows In Matcha Latte

Minion Cold Noodles

Nike Shoe Lunch

Panda Sushi

After Ming’s homemade notebook of her creations started to overflow, she decided a blog would be appropriate to document her recipes. After amassing a fan base, Ming was contacted by publishers to create a book. However she initially declined due to fears of a work overload. Thankfully for the world, she eventually took on the project and now has an awesome book ‘Yummy Kawaii Bento’ available to buy. Keep going to see more yummy dishes!

Ironman Bento

Stormtrooper And BB8 Bento

Piggy Bread Roll

Pikachu Pasta

Pooh Bear And Friends Deco Sushi

Pooh Bear And Friends Donuts

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lunch

Teddy Bear Match Affogato

Ted Bread Buns

Totoro Bread Buns

The Little Prince Curry Rice

Pooh Bear Bread Cups

Sleeping Piggies Pasta

Sleeping Rilakkuma Bento

Totoro Chiffon Cake