Dads All Over The World Will Be Proud Of These Hilariously Good Dad Jokes

When a man becomes a father, something strange seems to happen in their brain. All of a sudden, they view the world differently and can’t help but make ‘dad’ jokes. It seems to be a rite of passage, in some ways. Unfortunately, more often than not, all you do is cringe and roll your eyes at such jokes, but, every now and again, dads do come out with some genius creations! Here we have a list of great dad jokes that will actually make you laugh! Take a look!

That’s a lot of girls in a short space of time! 

Scare tactics…

This would work really well on a younger child!

This person set themselves right up for that response!

We bet nurses love patients like these!

Well, he’s not wrong!

Sometimes dads are more childlike than the actual kids!

And, everyone can’t help but laugh.

This made us laugh out loud. Brilliant!

It wouldn’t surprise us if this family opened the door to find their visitor had run away!

*Rolls eyes*

It would make you mad if you heard it all the time!

Even by removing the ‘I’ the word sounds pretty much the same!

We bet this girl’s friends dreaded calling!

Well, we don’t know about you but we’re pretty impressed with the high quality of these jokes. Many of them have been noted down mentally so that they can be executed at the best opportunity. Although it is true that dads do tend to come out with the worst jokes you’ve ever heard, it’s also fair to say that they are responsible for some of the best. Keep on scrolling to read more great dad jokes!

You’ve got to listen carefully…

We’ve added this to our list of jokes we need to use.

This took us longer than it should have to understand!

Cashiers must hear similar jokes to this on a daily basis. 

A good way of distinguishing in our opinion!


This one never gets old!

It’s stupidly funny how true this is!

The best response when someone asks you to make them something…

But, what did he reply?!

What a great sense of humor.

And, ‘awesome’, he is. 

The way some people’s minds work is just wonderful.

Jokes aside, he’s absolutely right!