These Foolproof Bar Tricks Will Ensure That You Win Every Single Time

If you’re a regular pub visitor or bar goer, you’ll be very used to people putting on bets and wagers, often for cash or free drinks. These can be super fun to partake in, but really annoying if you lose! Well, here we have 12 bar tricks that you are guaranteed to win with! Now you can ensure yourself a free night of drinking, provided you go to different places and people don’t clock on to you! And, what’s more, if anyone tries to use any of these tricks on you, you can turn the tables in your favor and leave them red faced! Take a look!
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It’s all about technicalities and wording!

Ah, science at its best!

So simple!

People always think they can beat their own bodies! 

This one is great because it’s trickier for people to figure out.

This is great for the ‘wow’ effect!

Simple math skills and solutions are sometimes the hardest things for people to figure out!


We wonder how many people fall for this?!

This is one of our favorites.

You have to be careful with this one! Steady hand needed!

Ha! We would totally fall for this one…