Hilarious ‘Life Tips’ So Bad That They Are Good

The internet is rife with people sharing hacks, tips and helpful ideas to improve the lives of others. Everyone likes something that makes their lives easier, right? Well, here we have a list of ‘life tips’ that goes against the norm. Although there are a few genius gems included, most are just hilariously ridiculous. Please note that we do not recommend trying them! Take a look and see what you think!

Mmm, fresh.

Test what type of sight you have with this simple chart!

Cut up your tennis balls and you can fit more in!

Who says you need to buy new socks?

bad life tips dont buy new socks


Wahoo, it’s a spoon! Sort of…

Hands free sun protection.

How to sneak chocolate anywhere in the U.S.A.

Personal popcorn holder…

bad life tips hood as popcorn bowl


Eternal power source…

Never waste cake again!

A quick and easy way to warm up your lunch.

How to magnify your phone screen!

Tangled headphones? Say no more…

We hope you’ve had a good laugh so far but there is even better stuff to come! We think these images make a refreshing change from all of the usual and repetitive ‘hacks’ that you see floating around. Although most of them are not useful in practical terms, they are certainly great for putting a smile on your face. Make sure you share this post with others to spread the humor and keep going to see more hilarious life tips!

Save time and money by only painting the toes you will have on show…

bad life tips only paint certain toes


So creative!

How to protect your personal space…

Put your new TV box on your neighbor’s drive so you aren’t the ones that attract thieves…

bad life tips put your new tv box on neighbors side


A quick and easy way to open your beers when in a car!

This will stop them crying… trust us…

Discreet and effective!

Say goodbye to tears!

Ta-da! Free food forever.

Take a selfie through a toilet roll so you look like you are the moon in a dark sky.

Make meal times more convenient by using a toilet seat as an aid!

bad life tips toilet seat holding plate


Too much water in your rice? Throw in some mobile phones!

Is this genius or what?

bad life tips use shopping cart as grill