Hilarious ‘Life Tips’ So Bad That They Are Good

The internet is rife with people sharing hacks, tips and helpful ideas to improve the lives of others. Everyone likes something that makes their lives easier, right? Well, here we have a list of ‘life tips’ that goes against the norm. Although there are a few genius gems included, most are just hilariously ridiculous. Please note that we do not recommend trying them! Take a look and see what you think!

Mmm, fresh.

bad life tips add toothpaste to your food


Test what type of sight you have with this simple chart!

bad life tips check if you are colorblind


Cut up your tennis balls and you can fit more in!

bad life tips cut your tennis balls in half


Who says you need to buy new socks?

bad life tips dont buy new socks


Wahoo, it’s a spoon! Sort of…

bad life tips duct tape and fork


Hands free sun protection.

bad life tips hands free umbrella


How to sneak chocolate anywhere in the U.S.A.

bad life tips hide chocolate in gun


Personal popcorn holder…

bad life tips hood as popcorn bowl


Eternal power source…

bad life tips infinite power


Never waste cake again!

bad life tips keep cake moist eating it


Keep going to see more hilarious life tips that are so bad, they’re good!