Awful Struggles Only Retail Workers Will Understand

How may I help you? Today, we’ll help you understand the everyday frustrations of retail workers in their field of work. Customer service problems, store issues, job monotony, these are only few of the problems they’re facing on a daily basis. People often disregard the hard work of retail workers because they’ve no idea how arduous it is to serve customers. There’s no room for mistakes in this line of job because customers are always right and workers are always wrong. That alone is enough to frustrate any retail employee. It’s time to enter the world of retail workers and understand their struggles. All the people who have worked in retail would certainly nod to these.


Employees wear something called a uniform with the name of the store on it. This is to help customers distinguish them in case they need help. So the next time you see someone in uniform inside the store, there’s a 100% chance that person is working there.

And we wonder how this man managed to survive this tedious job for so many years. He must really love his job that much.

Look at this flashy thing and forget the words that accidentally came out of my mouth.

Calm yourself down and don’t let your temper get the best of you. Do that or prepare to be fired.

This is definitely not the scene every retail worker wants to see. That is one backbreaking work waiting for you.

You’ll absolutely need a dose of caffeine in the morning to help you make it through the day. It’s another rough day ahead.

“Let me talk to the manager!” Customers think retail workers are so afraid of this threat but little did they know that the manager is always on the side of the employees.

Everyday problems of people working in retail



When you just came out from a day-off and you’re already exhausted from work.

While it’s still polite to ask colleagues if they need help after your shift is done, your inner self is actually praying that they’ll just let you clock out.

Every time an item fails to scan, expect the customer to say “I guess it’s free then!”. It would certainly take a miracle for a customer NOT to say this overused phrase.

If they are always right and I’m always wrong, what’s the use of explaining? Just stand there and listen to their rants without even blinking your eyes.

I’m no longer in duty so… peace out!

Uh…oh looks like we’re going for an overtime tonight.

I just wanted to help, you know? At least you should’ve let me finish the sentence.

It’s either the customers are too lazy to return the product where it was or they just want to mess with the lane personnel.