These Awful Mother In Laws Are Enough To Put Anyone Off Getting Married

Now, many of you reading will purely be here for entertainment as you are happily married and absolutely adore your spouse’s parents. However, a huge amount of people out there face having a truly horrible person as their in-law! It’s a common stereotype often joked about that mother in laws are evil but here we bring you the first hand experiences that prove the reputation can be, sadly, very true. But, beware, if you’re about to get married this post may just change your mind so continue on with caution!

Joke’s on her then!


What a spiteful thing to do!

This is downright outrageous. 

How can someone be so insensitive?

A classic case of jealousy we think!

Some people really need to butt out of other people’s lives!

Sounds like the lonely old person is the mother in law.

Unfortunately for her, her wishes are irrelevant!

This makes us really upset. 

Your wedding, your decisions!

Coming from someone who doesn’t sound like great mother material!

We’re glad this son is now free!