These Awesome Ideas Need To Become Reality

Do you ever have what feels like a genius idea, but know that you can’t really make it happen as it’s complicated or would need lots of funding? Well, this is just one of those things that everyone experiences so it’s fairly easy to get over. But, what about those ideas you think of, or stumble across, that are simple and doable yet for some reason they just haven’t become a reality? Those we just can’t get our heads around! Here we have some awesome ideas, most of which would be quite easy to bring to life, that we really want to see materialize. Take a look!

Perfect for night time or sly eating!

This is such a fun idea!

How much easier would life be?

A foolproof way to not overrun when you budget yourself time for a shower and great for saving water!

Yes! Then they would look silly for shouting and learn that they won’t get their points across by yelling!

You could actually look forward to getting into your car on a hot day!

Perfect so you know whether you can fix the problem yourself or need a mechanic! 

Think about how many lives could be changed with this and the money saved for healthcare systems!

How isn’t this a feature in every elevator by now?

Such a simple idea, that would make plane journeys much more enjoyable for people!

No more hunting for the perfect match!

People shouldn’t be forced to vote for something simply because there is no alternative.