Awe-Inspiring Nature Photos That Will Take Your Breath Away

If you want to get a boost of inspiration then look no further than the planet we’re living in. These awe-inspiring nature photos show that the beauty of the world is second to none. Take a time out from your busy life and take time to appreciate the exquisiteness of nature. There’s nothing that can soothe your weary spirit better than the breathtaking wonders of the world. Besides, everything in this planet is a child of Mother Nature and we all need her loving solace sometimes. So sit tight and relax, we’ve gathered our list of awe-inspiring nature photos to give you amazement and inspiration.




Mt. Fuji is an awesome spectacle on its own. But at night, it becomes more spectacular when Milky Way becomes visible in the night sky. Now it looks like the stars are coming right up from the Mt. Fuji.

This looks like a scene straight out of a vampire movie. Is that where Dracula lives? Sorry to burst your bubbles but this is not Transylvania. This is a village in Tuscany as it was blanketed by the soft mist. The red-colored sky adds a bit of drama to this wonderful landscape.

The ray of the sunset casts a shadow of the city of Hamburg. Now this photo seems like an alien invasion is about to take over the city.

Moravia in Czech Republic is best known for its green hills. This magnificent green hill looks like a great green tsunami from this angle.

This particular species of mantis resembles the flower of an orchid. Hence the name orchid mantis. It doesn’t actually lives on orchids. It mimics the the appearance of a flower to attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinating insects as prey.

When viewed from above, this part of Mauritius Island looks like awesome underwater waterfalls. But it’s only an illusion created by the silt deposits and there is actually no waterfalls under the water.

Every autumn, Kochia Hill in Hitachinaka, Japan is ablaze with red summer cypress.

Breathtaking nature photos showing the beauty of the world



The moon looks like a great ball of ice melting to create an amazing waterfall.

This small feather was from a blue-winged parrot. This very light feather was placed on a finger before it vanished right after this photo was captured.

The glowing mushrooms in Australia’s forests are called ghost mushrooms due to its glow-in-the-dark property amidst the dark pine forest.

Every spring, an ocean of yellow canola flowers cover absolutely every field in sight in the country of Luoping, China.

The incredible rainbow mountains of Peru is striped with different vivid colors. The remarkable colors were formed by sedimentary mineral layers that have been exposed by erosion.

This lavender field in Provence, France is flowing like the waves of the ocean. The color and the scent of a lavender field can take you to a relaxing journey where you can take all your worries away.

The blossoming pink plum trees in Edinburgh brings a colorful spring landscape that you can only see in your dreams.

The very colorful rainbow wrasse can be found in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean and in the Mediterranean Sea. Its colors become more vibrant as it grows into adulthood.