10 Animals With Front Facing Eyes That Will Give You The Creeps

Thanks to good old evolution, many animals have widely spaced eyes that allow them to see and be aware of a lot of their surroundings. This is highly important for hunting, and, avoiding being hunted! But, here we have some rather strange images showing what certain animals would look like with front facing, more human-style, eyes. Prepare to be creeped out to the max! Take a look!

‘Hey derrr’

Imagine seeing this staring at you every day!

A cow you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of…

This tiny face/huge body combo is leaving us slightly disturbed!

Doesn’t this rabbit now look kind of like it has a cat’s face?

This shark looks like it could belong in an animation film!

When your brain is on overdrive and all your problems hit you at once…

This giraffe actually looks kind of gorgeous!

Aww… is that a hint of a smile?

We don’t think we’ve ever seen a menacing dolphin before, until now!