13 Brilliant And Hilarious Animal Photobombs That Will Brighten Up Your Day

The most wonderful thing about animals is that they bring so much joy to into our lives. Both in the forms of companionship and… humor! Despite animals not being able to properly understand what we as humans deem hilarious, they seem to manage to make us laugh uncontrollably anyway. One such form this comes in is photobombs. When the moment is timed perfectly and an animal ruins (or makes better) a photo, sometimes this simple thing is so uplifting. So, take a look and prepare to be put into a good mood!

‘Hey, a little to the left… make sure you get my good side!’

A cat lurking in the shadows, waiting for its moment to triumph.

‘What’s this box thing doing here?’

‘Please! How many times… no paparazzi!’

‘HEEEEEEEY, whatcha doin?’

When your dog ruins your beautiful sunset shot…

‘God dammit woman! Stop smiling and let me out!’

This is just brilliant! 

Ah, what a cute moment, ruined.

This dog must have done something seriously bad to the cat in the background!

‘Move, and I will kill you.’

When you’re trying to take an artistic shot but your friend keeps messing around…

Some would say a family moment ruined, others would say best damn photo ever!