Amusing And Silly Things That People Believed When They Were Kids

One of the great things about children is how innocent their minds are. There’s so much to learn as a child and it’s easy to get the wrong end of the stick and become confused over simple things. Thinking back to your own childhood, you can probably remember a few really strange things that you used to believe that when you look back on it now it’s hilarious! Here we have a selection of amusing and silly things that various people believed when they were kids. Take a look and prepare to feel super nostalgic!
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We wonder what made this person think this? Hilarious!

Well, a lot of them are brought home from hospitals so it’s an easy assumption to make!

This is so weird to imagine. 

We presumed this as well!

We hope this person explained themselves or the teacher may have been very concerned!

This person had a great imagination!

We wonder how long they waited…

They do sound very similar!

‘Five-head’! Brilliant!

‘Gisney’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it. 

We are never going to look at nipples in the same way.

We can imagine the perplexed people that overheard this being said!

Aww, we think this is actually really sweet.

The disappointment many kids felt when realizing this wasn’t true sucks. 

If only we had a book full of the funny things that we believed when we were younger that we could look back on and laugh at. Sadly, we can’t always remember the funniest things about our childhoods. We encourage all of the parents reading this to note down the funny things your children come out with. A collection of such things would make for an excellent and hilarious 18th birthday present! Keep going to read more amusing beliefs! 

Guilty! We thought little people controlled the traffic lights too…

Some adults still believe this!

Uh-oh, we hope this was said at such a young age that people knew this person had gotten confused by the meaning of the word!

We bet this person ended up doing really well in life.

Plastic food can be so deceiving and yummy looking…

This gave us a really good chuckle!

Can you imagine the fear this poor girl would have felt if she realized she accidentally used the wrong towel?

Never say no to someone who wants your cereal, you never know how they might react…

Why? We really want to know the thought process behind this!

Picture everyone with one giant tooth and no gaps… creepy.

It does sound very much like a dinosaur name!

Mom or dad probably planted this idea to make sure their kid flushed. Clever!

One day, this will not only be the norm, but the car will probably drive itself!