Inspirational Amputees That Lost Their Limbs But Their Good Sense Of Humors Stayed Intact

Having a missing body part, or parts, can be an extremely difficult thing to cope with. Whether it be that you were born that way or you had an accident or illness that lead to amputation, each individual sufferer will handle things differently. It would be easy for a person to sink into depression and be down on life but here we present some inspirational images of people that may not have all of their body parts but they do have incredible attitudes and sense of humors! Take a look!

The perfect tattoo in the perfect spot.

We bet a lot of people don’t even notice this girl’s missing leg until they read her t-shirt!

funny-amputee-handicapped-jokes-dude wheres my leg


This is brilliant. We hope he made lots of money. 

Let’s hope any passers by weren’t too alarmed at this!

A drinks holder wherever you go? Now that is awesome!


A great Adventure Time costume!

Attitude 10/10!

funny-amputee-handicapped-jokes- face chest legs


We hope the kids were in on it!

Another epic costume but this time it’s based on Army Of Darkness!

We see what you did there… genius!

This photo is just priceless!

People that can laugh at themselves are the best kind of people.

We really are in awe of these wonderful people. Without being patronizing in any way shape or form, their courage and attitudes are something to be extremely admired. These people set an amazing example to others of how to find the humor in a situation and how to make the most out of whatever life throws at you. If you are reading this is and are currently struggling with the loss of a body part(s) we hope this post has given you some comfort. Keep going to see more amusing images!

Ah, childhood memories!

funny-amputee-handicapped-jokes-gone to market tattoo


How practical is this? Cool!

funny-amputee-handicapped-jokes-foot gun holder


Sad face 8/10.

Mrs. Nesbitt for the win!

The wit is on point here.

Just in case you were curious!

funny-amputee-handicapped-jokes-real not real


Damn you, McDonald’s!

This has got to be our favorite t-shirt ever.

This will never get old!

A shark attack has been spotted. Be on high alert!

The rule of snowfall is you must make a snow angle, always.

funny-amputee-handicapped-jokes-snow angel


That smile is infectious!

How to stop people constantly asking the same question…