13 Adorable Animals Made From Wool That Will Melt Your Heart

To some people, there’s not much out there cuter than animals. But, adorable wool recreations of animals comes a sure close second! Russia based toy creator Tatyana has an incredible talent. She creates gorgeous animals made out of 100% sheep’s wool. With endearing glass eyes, each animal looks enchantingly lifelike. It takes Tatyana roughly 2 weeks to create a single piece, showing the care that goes into the process. These animals would make adorable gifts and we wish we could collect them all. Take a look!
Website: Instagram

A bear you could never be in fear of!

What a cheeky facial expression!

Is that a hint of a smile we see?

These adorable creations look even better in pairs.

An elephant lover’s delight!

Each animal looks like it beholds its own personality.

This one is our favorite!

We don’t know what’s cuter, the flower or the hat!

What an adorable hat and scarf set! ‘Aww’ overload!

These creations would make great collectible items.

All of these animals look so soft and cuddly!

We never thought a piglet would suit a tutu so well!

Those eyes! We just can’t look at them for too long. Gorgeous.