Adopted People Share Their Surprising Encounters With Their Birth Parents

Whether you found out at a later stage in life that you were adopted or you were aware of the truth from a very young age, the whole thing can be really confusing. There’s an array of thoughts, emotions and questions that swirl around in your head. Here we have a firsthand selection of people sharing their varying encounters with their biological families. Some are happy, some are sad, but each are interesting. Take a look!
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We think the adoptive parents would be pretty hurt to not be mom and dad anymore. 

This is naturally going to be hurtful but people hide these things for all sorts of reasons.

If they love you, they will accept you!

Sometimes it’s not all fireworks and rainbows. 

People can’t always help how they feel. 

Aww. How lovely is it when there is a happy ending?

Moments like this can be truly overwhelming! 

This information would be really hard to accept. 

It’s so interesting to read the different experiences that people have had!

What a lovely way of looking at things.

Unfortunately expectations don’t always live up to reality.

It’s crazy how something you’ve believed your whole life may not be true!

Sometimes a relationship isn’t always on the cards.

This person must be feeling really confused. We hope that they figured things out and found peace with their situation!