15 Odd Things That You Don’t See Everyday

Everyone has the right to live life just the way they want it. And this freedom gives us to do our own shenanigans and get away with it. We may be rational beings but foolishness is still a part of human nature. It’s good to bring out our wacky nature from time to time because being too serious can be unhealthy. Don’t be afraid to smile and laugh out loud to break away momentarily from the harsh reality of life. There’s no harm in trying to be crazy. But make sure not to make it into habit because that’s a different story. Here are examples of hilarious people trying so hard to get away with their funny shenanigans.


While most of you are busy walking your adorable dogs, this man has a different preference on pets. That’s right, lizards also need to walk under the warm sun.

They surely fixed the problem for the lack of seats but they seem to disregard the safety of the spectators.

The oven door won’t close so that means no pizza for me today. Heck no, nothing comes between me and my oven-baked pizza. If there’s a rope, there’s a way.

Someone ordered a bruschetta from a local pizza store and they got this piece of rubbish delivered to them instead. This looks like something a dumpster would bring but definitely not from a pizza store.

How much does that iPhone cost? Well, it probably doesn’t matter now.

It’s called being resourceful and no one would ever notice it once you’ve used it on your hair.

Someone tried to make tacos out of cheese sticks, ketchup and mayo. What a great insult to Mexican cuisine!

Funny people doing their own crazy antics



When the car headlights aren’t working and you can’t afford expensive repairs, put your creativity to use. Just like this car that made use of flashlights as alternatives for headlights.

This is one messed-up menu. Now try to decipher the name of the restaurant with this puzzle.

Look, a jet-ski running on the ground!

This certain hotel makes use of baffling room numbers to confuse the guests. Why would they actually do that? Is this supposed to be room 8878?

This bridge rail should have gotten away with its amazing base design, only if the black paint didn’t fade away to reveal its secret.

How are we gonna pronounce that? Happy Firsth Birthday!

When you’re too lazy to do something but you have to do it anyway. Then you end up giving up halfway because you’re just… too… lazy…

Why would they go through the trouble of making a CD case in the first place? Are they trolling us?