Hilariously Unfortunate Names That Will Make You Appreciate Your Own

Unfortunately for some people, the fact that we have no say in what we are named can be disastrous. Some parents are either really naive or really horrible to give their babies such terrible names. Sometimes a name on its own isn’t bad at all, but you have to think about what it will sound and look like when paired with another name! Here we have a hilarious list of unfortunate names that will make you appreciate your own a lot more. Take a look!

An interesting title choice!

funny-unfortunate-names-a taste of dick black


This is actually pretty cool…

funny-unfortunate-names-batman bin suparman


Uh oh…

This has got us hungry for some crispy bacon!

funny-unfortunate-names-chris p bacon


Not usually what we would use as an ingredient…

The parents must have known what they were doing here.

It could be worse…

We wouldn’t want to mess with this person!

funny-unfortunate-names-dick raper


Wow. Just wow!

Sorry, we didn’t mean to offend you! 

funny-unfortunate-names-f you



Not two names we would expect to see next to each other…

funny-unfortunate-names-jesus condom


We wonder if the crime Kash was exonerated for involved stealing money…

funny-unfortunate-names-kash register


Lets hope his name doesn’t have any substance!

Thankfully for the people involved, some of their names are only funny to us due to how they sound in our own language. For a sad few though, we imagine they have faced quite a bit of teasing throughout their lives. Fair play to them for sticking with the name they were given though! We urge you to use this list as examples on what not to name your child, unless you’re thinking of ‘Lord Brain’, of course, then we think that’s super cool. Keep going to see more hilariously unfortunate names!

To be fair, Lord Brain sounds pretty bad ass.

funny-unfortunate-names-lord brain


The ‘Major’ makes this name all the better.

Introducing Mike by his full name probably gets a little awkward…

funny-unfortunate-names-mike litoris


‘Mom, dad, I want to introduce my new boyfriend Mister, Mister Love’

funny-unfortunate-names-mister love


R.I.P Moe.

funny-unfortunate-names-moe lester


What a profession to be in with that name…

funny-unfortunate-names-mr perv



funny-unfortunate-names-mrs rape


We bet these teachers get along wonderfully…

If only there was one less ‘n’ in ‘Ennis’ this would be perfect. Still funny though!

funny-unfortunate-names-p ennis


Oh dear…

funny-unfortunate-names-robert fagot


When your name literally describes you…

We think Sam might be working for the wrong company…

funny-unfortunate-names-sam sung


We can imagine the wedding vows and speeches now…

funny-unfortunate-names-vagina natalia


We laughed out loud at this one…

funny-unfortunate-names-whet fhartz