Ways That You Can Transform Old Things Into Cool New Things

Most of us can admit we are guilty of being wasteful. We throw away things that still have life in them and we even throw items away before they’re even finished or empty! It’s easily done when  you think you’re left with junk. But, there are so many unusual and fun ways or transforming old things into cool new things and here we have a great selection of ideas to inspire you! Not only are you cutting back on your waste but you can also save yourself money! Take a look!

Jazz up old almond containers like so!

Turn old and unused board games into bags!

Don’t throw away your old bottles… transform them into chandeliers!

Turn cereal boxes into magazine holders.

Make candles using coffee grounds!

Cut the tops of off candle jars and remake your own!



Re-purpose old cans and tins into planters!

A fun project if you’re feeling creative…

Melt down almost finished lip balms into another container until you have a full one!

Decorate mason jars to use them as pretty vases.