People Confess The Things That Make Them Feel Old

How can you not have heard this song?!

What excites us can definitely represent mental age! 

We’d like to know who comes up with these alternative meanings?!

Do people still use MySpace?

These images have really put things into perspective! It can be quite scary to think about how quickly life seems to pass you by. One moment you’re stressing about homework assignments and the next it’s your own kids who you’re helping with their studies! One positive that comes with the daunting feeling of becoming ancient is knowing that you want to live your life to the absolute fullest. Keep going to read even more things that make people feel old! 

Even some members of the younger generation get the odd grey hair!

That is a little bizarre! 

things that make people feel old pulled a musccle


How is it that the 90’s feels like such a long time ago, yet also not that long ago?

This must sound rather strange to youngsters who have only ever had electric windows! 

A very true statement! Crazy!

We had to Google this to see if it was true, and unfortunately it is. 

things that make people feel old shrek came out in 2001