People Confess The Things That Make Them Feel Old

Many people have their own perceptions on what ‘old’ is. Some people think if you’re over 70 you are elderly whilst others get worried at the thought of turning 30! No matter what age you deem to be old, there’s no arguing that there are certain things that make us all feel old sometimes! Below we have a list of images where people share the things that make them feel aged. Beware, these things will definitely have you worrying that your life is passing by!
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But, the 90’s wasn’t even that long ago, was it?!

Acronyms can be damn confusing!

We remember being so young that college felt like a lifetime away!

Parenting definitely makes you feel old sometimes!

It’s crazy how mature some people feel at 18, then 10 years later they realize how young they really were! 

Wow! When you put it like that it’s hard not to feel old!

things that make people feel old buy alcohol


Well, it’s a sign of respect, which people tend to have for their elders! 

The choker trend came back with a vengeance!

This is nuts! 

Just remember that everyone’s lives move at different paces. Some people get married and have children in their 20’s whilst others do it in their 40’s!

things that make people feel old engaged pregnant