People Share The Struggles And Realities Of Being Polyamorous

For those of you who aren’t familiar with polyamorous relationships, it is the practice of, or desire for, committed or non committed relationships with more than one partner. All of the involved parties are in knowledge of the situation and consent to it. Of course, not all polyamorous relationships follow the same rules and it is down to the people involved to set their terms with each other. Regardless of your personal feelings on the subject, it’s rather interesting to hear some first hand accounts on the struggles and realities that people who practice polyamory face. Take a look!
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We imagine this can be very difficult to experience. 

A common misconception is that polyamorous people aren’t committed to their relationships.

It sounds like a lot of work! 

Hmm, this person needs to communicate their feelings to their partner we think.

Sometimes we can’t change the way we are no matter how much we want to.

A tricky situation indeed…

If people can’t support your personal choices then that’s something you just have to unfortunately accept sometimes. 

An interesting theory! 

realities polyamorous even numbers


People often misjudge things that they don’t understand. 

Something like this can be a hard thing to swallow…

There are downsides to most things unfortunately! 

We can sort of see where this person is coming from…

A messy situation indeed…

Maybe boundaries and limits need to be set?

realities polyamorous husband has more partners


Well, we don’t know about you but we’re finding this all rather interesting! It’s easy to be wary and skeptical of things that aren’t necessarily considered the ‘norm’, but we think it’s good to raise awareness and understanding on subjects like this. At the end of the day we all share this world and we have to have a level of respect (within reason) for the lifestyle choices that people choose. Keep going to read more about the realities of polyamory!  

We imagine a lot of people start to feel like this…

Some communication is needed here. 

We can’t really blame him for being insecure if he’s not into the whole polyamory thing. 

We imagine you have to approach with caution! 

Some would say your risk of getting hurt increases in polyamorous relationships.

It’s normal for people to be skeptical…

Maybe they are just hopeful because it’s not unheard of for a poly person to turn monogamous. 

realities polyamorous meet the right person


This is silly! Personal happiness is what matters. 

One of the downsides…

A timetable could help with this issue…

We don’t always get what we want…

She is likely judging you for cheating so surely explaining the situation won’t make things any worse?

The openness should have come at the very beginning… 

realities polyamorous wish i could be more open



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