These Spelling And Grammar Fails Will Infuriate Your Inner Nerd

If you’re sometime who cringes, gets angry and finds humor in all of the people you see on your social media who seem incapable of stringing a sentence together, you’re going to enjoy this post. Now, we completely respect that some people struggle with spelling, grammar etc. for various reasons, but the people that you know personally who are just lazy and uneducated, who aren’t afraid to come across as an idiot to the world, these are the people we aim our angst at. Take a look below for some images that are sure to infuriate your inner nerd!

When you’re posting a status slating people for something you have got to make sure you aren’t doing the thing you are moaning about!

funny-spelling-mistakes-your annoying


Daniel couldn’t help himself here, and we don’t much blame him!

funny-spelling-mistakes-shut up daniel



funny-spelling-mistakes-mrs jackson


It’s definitely an ‘E’.

funny-spelling-mistakes-missing in my hart


This sort of thing could get a person in trouble!

funny-spelling-mistakes-we have 2 hours to kill someone come


Wow. We have an interesting image in our heads right now…

funny-spelling-mistakes-us bombing labia


Man bacon? Can’t say we’ve tried it…

funny-spelling-mistakes-man bacon



funny-spelling-mistakes-learn to spellcheck


We would rather neither, to be honest!

funny-spelling-mistakes-the importance of then and than


What a strange way to structure a sentence!

As amusing as these images are, isn’t it just mind blowing how people can get the simplest things wrong?! We’re talking stuff you learn as a small child that grown adults cannot seem to grasp. Of course, no one is immune to the odd slip up, and for those of us who are very particular about our spelling and grammar, these are mortifying¬†moments. Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but you know the feeling that we mean! Keep going to see more epic fails!

Not the best way to respond to an invitation!

funny-spelling-mistakes-its nick and i


Well, this backfired massively! 

funny-spelling-mistakes-im a intelligent


That last comment… burn.

funny-spelling-mistakes-so much for calling me dad


We didn’t know that part of the body could be stolen…

funny-spelling-mistakes-f the person who stole


‘You have cleared up nothing’, our exact thoughts!

funny-spelling-mistakes-fking a dude


Hopefully no family members saw this and took it the wrong way!

funny-spelling-mistakes-i love fing college guys


A comma was desperately needed here.

funny-spelling-mistakes-i love her period


No, no, no you really don’t!

funny-spelling-mistakes-i want to see my little brothers f


Maybe Amy wants a baby!

funny-spelling-mistakes-i wanna baby


Jordan walked right into this one!

funny-spelling-mistakes-if your good at something


We’re a little embarrassed to admit we didn’t even clock the error here until we read the comment!

funny-spelling-mistakes-drama asking for attention fail


An interesting homecoming idea…

funny-spelling-mistakes-dont wear black people


It baffles us that people actually talk like this…

funny-spelling-mistakes-did you even go to school


Hopefully the college doesn’t check people’s Facebook accounts…

funny-spelling-mistakes-collage sighnin up


Well, no one wants to see their parents in a movie like that!

It both amuses and disgusts us when we see people make this error.

funny-spelling-mistakes-all i can smell is his colon in my hair


We bet this person was raging inside!

funny-spelling-mistakes- your so annoying