Shocking Things That Were Said When People Went To See Their Therapists

Many people in this world attend therapy sessions for many different reasons. Some have mental health issues, some want to unburden their thoughts and others like having the company of a stranger. There’s no right or wrong reasons for a person wanting to speak to a therapist. The universal idea of the process is that it is meant to be helpful to the patient, however, unfortunately this isn’t always the case! Here we have a collection of people sharing the shocking things that were said in their sessions. Some of the therapists involved certainly shouldn’t have a licence. Take a look!
Website: Whisper

Calling any person stupid isn’t nice, let alone a fragile one.

Why do some people find it so hard to grasp that not everyone wants children?

What an awful and narrow minded thing to suggest. 

We’re not so sure this is constructive advice…

Utterly outrageous! This could send someone over the edge. 


terrible therapist modern day hitler


What a shallow and disrespectful thing to presume!

Very unprofessional! 

This needs expanding. Was the therapist being rude? What were they basing this on?

This is a thought that should have been kept quiet. 

terrible therapist parents did a number on you