People Get Real About The Harsh Realities Of Insomnia

Many people brazenly state that they suffer from insomnia. What they really mean is that they had a late night or two and are feeling a bit tired. People who truly suffer from insomnia understand that it is not a joke. Plagued by exhaustion from crippling sleepless nights, the daily life of an insomniac can be very difficult to cope with. Here we have several different accounts of the harsh realities faced when living with the condition. Take a look!
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54 hours is an awfully long time to go without sleep.

Withdrawal can be a nasty experience. 

This is really interesting. 

Wow! Everything happens for a reason.

The universe can be pesky sometimes!

More people should give this a go!

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It is, indeed.

Having someone to share the sleepless nights with makes things more bearable. 

This is why you shouldn’t judge people when they act strange, you never know what’s going on behind the scenes.

We know exactly what this feels like. 

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