People Who Have Nailed Making Hilarious Snapchats

Snapchat overall can be a pretty fun app to get involved with. It’s nice being able to document your lives to your loved ones and vice versa. However, there’s no denying that what some people deem as interesting to share, you most certainly do not agree and more often than not your sifting through unfunny junk. But, fear not! Here we have a selection of Snapchats that are delightfully amusing and were made by people who have nailed using the app. Take a look!

This teacher clearly pays attention!

Interesting choice of advertising content!

We found this way funnier than we should have!

Challenge accepted!

The perfect tantrum face…

Hopefully this dog wants to be in the water!



The look of love…


What a well behaved dog!

Day 1 – the flamingos are clueless. 

How unfortunate!

R.I.P unicorn.