These Hilarious Examples Of People Being Passive Aggressive Will Make Your Day Better

There are people out there who when they get angry or annoyed are very upfront and in your face about it. But, for many others who don’t like confrontation, or simply don’t know who the culprit of their annoyance is, being passive aggressive is the way forward. This can come in numerous hilarious forms, a collection of great examples highlighting this can be found below. Take a look, have a good laugh and maybe you might just find some inspiration on how to handle someone that gets on the wrong side of you!

At least this person said ‘please’!

That’s one way of making a point…

We bet Bob was seething when he saw this!

Things like this start off as entertainment and then end up ruining your home life!

Don’t you just HATE people like this who think they’re so cool with their deafening speakers?

This rudeness seemed deserved!



Uh oh, this ‘roomie’ got told!

Flatmates? Siblings? Parent/Child? The struggle is real!

Now, this seems like it has an interesting backstory! If only we knew…

Theft isn’t nice but this is pretty funny…