Hilariously Brilliant Occasions Where Life Imitated Art

Art comes in many different varieties and is appreciated/interpreted in many different ways. Many people take it upon themselves to imitate certain artworks, also. But, here we have a list of occasions where life naturally and hilariously ended up imitating art. Some of the images involve people, and many involve animals, but each is brilliant in their own way! Take a look and enjoy!

‘What does it say about me? Good or bad? At least it’s a flattering photo’…

Perfect timing!

This poor butterfly thought it had found some new friends…

And then, the prophecy was fulfilled.

Blending right in!

life imitating art cat and statue


This cat thinks that they found the ultimate hiding place…

life imitating art cat behind frame



This kind of photo seems to be fairly common! We love them!

‘Paint me like one of your French girls…’

Yawning or screaming?

life imitating art cat shouting man shouting