Hilarious Moments People Realized That Their Partners Needed To Go Back To School

Sometimes, there comes a moment in a relationship where you realize that the person you are dating just isn’t right for you. This happens for many reasons, but this post is here to focus on the shocking yet amusing moments when you are left questioning if the other person has a fully functioning brain. However, there are also hilarious images of a different kind. People who are married and in serious relationships have also shared their face palm moments that have occurred with their significant others! Take a look!

The lack of education certain people have on events such as these is shocking.

If that’s Earth, where does she think she is?

If you ask your partner to pick you up a thermometer because you aren’t feeling well, make sure you’re specific!

How ignorant and narrow minded does this guy sound?

How can this guy be over 20 years old and have not encountered a male nurse or female doctor?

When your girlfriend eats dog biscuits thinking they are Christmas cookies…

caught girlfriend eating dog treats


That would have been a very embarrassing phone call. 

Oh dear.

The guy who took this picture was having a cooking contest with his girlfriend. This is how she chose to cook her steak. What a waste! 

*Face palm*

like a cow but brown fail