These Amusing Images Perfectly Capture What It’s Like For Men Who Go Shopping With Their Partners

For plenty of people, shopping is an exiting thing. The prospect of buying new items and spending ages searching for them is welcomed by many. However, the stereotype often goes that men forced to go on these trips find themselves lost in utter boredom and despair. Of course, this isn’t the case for all men, and all couples, but it certainly is true for some! Here we have some hilarious images capturing the way different men coped with shopping. Take a look and see if you relate as either the person who is forced to go shopping, or, the person who has a partner who behaves like this!

Here we have a meeting ground for men in the same situation…

This father is teaching his son the easiest way to endure shopping trips.

We love that protective hand on the trolley, followed with closed eyes. Thieves beware!

We bet this guy had a pretty sore neck after this snooze!

When they say they’ll be a minute but end up taking an hour…

That moment when you undergo your transformation into a clothing rail…

The ‘how did I get here?’ look…



The ‘I give up’ look…

Here we see a common sight, a man being saved from boredom by his phone.

Another sleeper caught on camera!

At least the seating area looks quite comfy!

Two men in the same boat that don’t seem to notice each other. Hilarious!