Adorable Images Showing The Hilarious Things That Happen When Kids And Animals Are Left Alone Together

Well, that’s a very dapper cat if we do say so ourselves. 

A homemade unicorn hat! What more could a cat want?

That floor will be cleaned up in no time!

cats and child drinking milk off floor


This dalmatian got a multicolored makeover! 

Isn’t it so lovely to see the strong bonds that these kids and animals have? You can literally see the love and care radiating from these photos. Clearly the pets in these photos are child friendly but always remember to approach other people’s animals with caution and always ask for permission to stroke/interact with them! We really can’t get enough of these photos! If you feel the same, keep scrolling to see even more! 

We think there’s enough evidence to nail these partners in crime. 

dog and child mess partners in crime


There were some very bright and fur friendly (non toxic) marker pens that were used here! 

dog colored in non toxic markers


When your friend encourages you to try out a new outfit but you’re not convinced it looks good…

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle?

A tea party with a dog is one we’d like to attend! 

Aww. What a cute moment! 

dog under childs shirt