Adorable Images Showing The Hilarious Things That Happen When Kids And Animals Are Left Alone Together

Some people feel that being a child and growing up with a pet isn’t much different to growing up with a sibling. Animals have so much love, guidance and protection to offer both kids and adults alike. Here we have some heartwarming and utterly hilarious images showing what can happen if you leave your kids and your pets to their own devices. We’re so glad that the the families involved can cherish these lovely and amusing photographs for years to come! Take a look! 

The kid responsible for these outfits could have a bright future in fashion coming their way!

A tug of war is no joke! Who do we think won?

The dog is feeling neglected whilst the little boy pays attention to his fake goldfish. 

Yes, that’s a cat, strapped into a doll’s stroller!

Check out those lips! 

We hope that the cat didn’t suddenly roll and feel the pain of 100 Lego pieces digging in! 

cat covered in legos


This unique piece is apparently called a cat mosaic! 

We can’t stop laughing at how short the cat’s body looks! 

This little girl is over the moon with her cat princess.

We’re not too sure this cat likes their bonnet. 

cat wearing bonnet