Inexpensive Ideas For Keeping Your Children Entertained

An indoor slide provides hours of endless fun. All you need is some cardboard! The best part is it costs next to nothing and you can easily store and reuse the cardboard when it’s needed. 

Your kids will be fascinated to see what happens to a bar of soap when you place it in the microwave. 

Get your kids to draw some characters using chalk and then give them some old clothes of theirs that no longer fit to dress the characters with! 

Isn’t it great how for so many of these ideas you already have everything you need at home? Every one knows it’s hugely important to their development to keep kids stimulated and active which is why we give a thumbs up to so many of these suggestions. If you’re someone whose kids get bored quickly and easily, you can always just make your way down this list to keep things interesting for them! 

Exploding plastic bags might be a little messy but can be a lot of fun. Make sure you use washable paint so that you can water down the mess easily! If the paint is skin friendly, you can let your child stamp on the bags, or, alternatively you can give them something to pop the bags with from a distance.

To replicate the awesome rainbow bubbles you see in the image below, you will need a plastic bottle, some tape, dish washing liquid, a sock, some water and some food coloring. Cut the bottom off of your plastic bottle and slide the sock over it. Grab your food coloring and put a few drops on to the sock. Mix your dish washing liquid in a bowl with some water and then dip your bottle (sock end) into the mixture and blow!

Take a container such as a lid of a box that is airtight with no where for things to leak and fill it with sugar (or sand) so your child can have fun drawing various things. 

kid entertainment ideas sand box


Burlap is an ideal material for providing your child with a sewing station! 

All you need for this awesome game is some chalk and a few sponges! By copying the layout of the image below you will be left with a kid friendly version of darts that provides plenty of amusement! 


Fashion a spider web made from sticky tape then give your children some paper balls that they can throw towards it. 

Use tape to create a car track! 

kid entertainment ideas tape to make car tracks